Updates to my Kirby configuration

I changed my header.php snippet to load CSS files from either the current page folder or the parent folder, or both. This lets me have different CSS files for the separate BLOG folders I'm using, to set colors and to add an ':after' content setting for identifying the sub-blog. This replaces the previous semi-hard-coded junk, and is a much more flexible, elegant solution.

I'm waiting to tackle more extensive format changes, including adding per-article side-bars with category and tag lists, and a site-wide sidebar for sub-blogs and categories, until Kirby V2 is released and stable, but there is one thing I'm planning to work on in the meantime. On my main blog page, I'd like to incorporate title-only links to recent articles in the other sub-blogs. Ideally, there would be one list of articles from all the sub-blogs in reverse sorted order by date; from that list pages in the currently active sub-blog would display the full text of the article, but pages from the other sub-blogs would display only the article title as a link to that article. This might be a little tricky, and again I might wait until V2 is ready so I don't have to redo a lot of work, but I think it would make the site work most closely to the way I'd like it to.

I watched The Town during my donation this morning, which had been delayed while I finished the antibiotics prescribed for my pneumonia.