The third year of the Team Lyle rallies in Central Nevada

I'm leaving this morning for Alamo, Nevada, a small town in Central Nevada and the base for the Team Lyle Silver State Roundup. About two dozen riders will start out on Saturday morning for riders of 1500+ miles in 24 hours, and for some that + could be as much as 700 miles.

My buddy Doug established the Team Lyle Central Nevada rally series in 2012 with the Team Lyle Alamo Express, and I assisted as the Route Master and paperwork guy. For a first time rally master, the event went very smoothly, and with some good word-of-mouth, demand was there to continue the rally on a yearly or every-other-year basis. 2013 brought the Team Lyle Nevada Stampede, which was also an overall success. There is no entry fee, but a donation to the Eddie's Road charity is required, in any amount.

Riders start out on Saturday morning from Alamo. There is a pre-established Base Route of 1538 miles, but riders are free to ride any route and distance they choose. Beginning last year, we setup a special Open Class for riders wanting to set their personal bests for 24 hour mileage, and had three riders over the mileage that cannot be mentioned. While Base Route riders must document their route by getting fuel receipts at specific locations along the way, Open Class riders use a special Odometer Check Ride to determine the accuracy of their odometers, and are then free to ride any route they choose. The procedures we came up with for certifying Open Class mileage was approved by the highest levels of the Iron Butt Association, who accepted all three of the high mileage submissions last year.

The Base Route starts in Alamo, then northwest on the ET Highway to Tonopah, straight north to Battle Mountain, a brief stint on I-80 over to West Wendover, then south to Ely. From there it's back on US-6 to Tonopah, northwest to Fallon, then US-50 east to the Utah state line at Baker. The final run is back to Alamo.

My plan right now is to ride the 1500 mile Base Route this year. Doug has recruited some new administrators, so I'm free to spend the day as I choose. Other than the 110° heat on the way through Las Vegas, it should be a very fun weekend.